About Prints

For me, the print is the ultimate expression of photography as tangible art. It’s something you can hold, hang on the wall and appreciate for years to come. To that end, every print I make is hand done and printed to order using archival inks and museum quality paper. Of the seven different papers I have chosen to work with, I pair the one I think works best with each particular image. All of my prints are signed, dated, titled and come with a Certificate of Authenticity.
I also offer large format black and white Silver Gelatin prints. This is a traditional medium used by photographers such as Ansel Adams and Edward Weston, among others. It is a labor intensive, wet darkroom process which yields stunning results that are prized by collectors.

My stock print sizes are:
The sizes refer to the image area. Bear in mind that these stock sizes are approximate only. The long edge is measured true but the short edge depends on the crop. (for instance, the 11×14 is actually 9.33×14 on a full frame image) I use the stock reference measurements to make it easier to predict stock frame sizes if that’s the way you want to go. I can recommend a framer if you want a custom frame.
Bear in mind there will be small differences between what you see on your computer and the print. Chances are your monitor, out of the box, is set for video gameplay. That means the images you are seeing online are over saturated, overly bright and very heightened in contrast. The print being reflected light rather than projected light will be beautiful but likely a bit more subtle and detailed than what you see on your screen.
Should you be interested in purchasing a print, feel free to contact me for information on sizes and prices.
John Grusd