Road Block

This big male Southern White Rhino was in no hurry to get out of our way. That was OK with me. I could have photographed him for hours! Ultimately, he was not in the least concerned by our presence and more interested in ambling back into the taller grasses to do some serious grazing. Even so, he does looks like a pretty tough customer, doesn’t he? I’m sure, if put to the test, he would be.

As imposing as rhinoceroses are, they have been no match for the utter devastation that we humans have wrought upon them. Within just few (human) generations, we have whittled the 50-million-year-old Northern White Rhino species effectively down to zero. There are only 2 females left and even though those two remain, the Northern White Rhinoceros is now considered extinct. Humans did that.

This huge animal wasn’t in our way after all. I’m certain that it was us who were in his way.

All Photographs ¬© 2023 John Grusd Photography. All Rights Reserved.

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