Diamond Beach, so called because of the chunks of ice that are swept onto this beach, is a popular photo stop in Iceland. I love the wildness of this image with its wind-blown waves, ominous clouds and other worldly confluence of ice and coast.

The ice seen here is calved from a huge glacier into a large lagoon adjacent to the beach, then the tide sweeps it out to the open sea where the waves and wind scatter it and drive it back upon the sand. The combination of jet-black volcanic sand and the jewel-like quality of the ice is quite spectacular, especially on a sunny day! Not surprisingly, the name “Diamond Beach” seems really for the tourists, most of whom would have great difficulty pronouncing its Icelandic name, “Breidamerkursandur”.

The “tourist name” works just fine for me.

All Photographs © 2023 John Grusd Photography. All Rights Reserved.

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