The reality of landscape photography is the conditions are never what you expect them to be. The methodology often resorted to is called, “Making Lemonade”, as in “When life gives you lemons…”.

This is the iconic Vestrahorn along the rugged coast of southern Iceland. Ideally there is still water covering Stokksnes beach giving a perfect reflection of the mountain. Photographers love to capture the mountain and its mirror image. At least that’s the plan.

On this day, however, the air temperature was near freezing and the wind was gusting at around 50 – 60 miles per hour. Sand was blowing and the water was not going to be reflective even if there was any. (One member of our group did actually find a small, sheltered pond to capture the reflection but I missed it entirely.) For me, it was time to go to work and start making lemonade.

I like this image a lot. The blackness of the sand, the line of surf mimicked by the streamers of clouds all lead your eyes to a rather timeless portrait of a singular mountain in a distant land. Thankfully, Mother Nature often steps in and serves up lemons, forcing us to change our plans and come up with something different.

Lemonade anyone?

All Photographs © 2022 John Grusd Photography. All Rights Reserved.

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