The Virgin, The Watchman and the Celestial Visitor

This title occurred to me while I was photographing this scene in Zion National Park. I know it’s a mouthful and not a good one for image competitions, but I like its intriguing nature and I enjoy making the viewer work a little to figure it out. To me it has the ring of an old allegory or a fairytale ala the Grimm brothers.

In reality, it’s not so mysterious. If you’ve been to Zion, you’ll probably be able to easily decipher the title. This is the Virgin River that winds its way through Zion Canyon (The river is named after an early settler, Thomas Virgin). The mountain in the background, guarding the entrance to the canyon, is called “The Watchman”. The celestial visitor is, of course, the comet. In this case it is the comet, Neowise.

See? That wasn’t so hard!

All Photographs © 2022 John Grusd Photography. All Rights Reserved.

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