This is the savannah grasslands of the Maasai Mara in Kenya. With this lone Acacia against a stormy sky, it looks as primitive and wild as it has been for millions of years. Renown for the huge wildebeest migration that takes place here, I came here to witness and photograph the wildlife and the daily play of life and death that takes place in the Mara.

Even though I focused (literally) on the wildlife, I was constantly reminded of another animal that is rooted to this area. Us. Probably within a 100 mile radius of this tree, around 2 million years ago, some simian-like creatures lost their tails, began to walk upright, learned to use tools and developed language. Over time, they began to spread, evolved into “Homo Sapien” and populated our planet.

Every one of us has a connection to this place. One species. One point of origin. In a sense it was like coming home.

All Photographs © 2021 John Grusd Photography. All Rights Reserved.

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