Cathedral DADA

I’ve always loved this image of the Cathedral in downtown Los Angeles. It certainly appeals to my DADA tendencies. I captured this image on film (remember film?) prior to the Cathedral’s opening in 2002. The result you see here (beyond the composition) is totally the result of chance. This is the way it came back to me from the lab! In my way too active imagination, the blood red stains and the baffling rectangular black void near the center of the image could possibly evoke a mysterious warning from the hereafter. Although I was stunned when I first viewed the print, my next thought was that it was amazing! It turned a very documentary image into something that was much more haunting than I would think up myself. Whatever happened at the lab completed the image. It was perfect!

So… Was it a message to me from beyond this mortal coil? Sadly, no. It was just sloppy lab work… But then again… Out of hundreds of photographs of other downtown LA architecture, what were the odds of this particular frame of the Cathedral coming out so strange? – Just sayin’!

All Photographs © 2020 John Grusd Photography. All Rights Reserved.

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