Space Age

This space age edifice is one of my favorite buildings in Los Angeles. It’s called by the unfortunate plain wrap name, the “Theme Building”, which for me asks more questions than it answers. Since 1961 it has greeted travelers to LAX but is now an unsecure building at the airport and underutilized. In simpler times it was a restaurant where travelers, who had time between flights, could enjoy a civilized sit-down meal with commanding views of the airport. (No. It doesn’t revolve.) Nowadays to do that, you’d have to repeat the TSA nightmare again when you reenter the terminal for your flights. Even as a local, just to visit it, you have to run the incredibly frustrating traffic and parking gauntlet that is LAX. It’s simply too much trouble for the public to get to. Too bad.

This image, taken a few years back, was when Disney was operating it and the lighting changed colors all night long. For me, it is one of the most striking examples of mid-century design ever and I’m very happy it’s still there. Hopefully, with airport improvements going on, there is a plan to incorporate it back into the fabric of LAX. And maybe while they are at it they can come up with a better name!

All Photographs © 2020 John Grusd Photography. All Rights Reserved.

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