World Photographic Cup

WPC 2019

I am proud to announce that I was named as a member of the 2019 USA World Photographic Cup Team!

Every year there is a friendly image competition between countries called the World Photographic Cup. It is a massively competitive event where the best of the best images from each country are judged to determine the international winners, the “Cup” going to just one nation. The USA won it for the first time last year!

This year, there are 32 countries competing in six different categories. There are only a maximum of three entries allowed per category for a maximum total of 18 entries from each nation. The image selection is up to the organization that represents their particular country, in our case it is the Professional Photographers of America.

To have an image selected to represent your country is to be a member of the team and my teammates are a fabulously talented group. You can check out the other Team USA photographers and their amazing images at .

The results of the competition will be announced in April so stay tuned. Go USA!




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