Denali 2

End of summer in Alaska brings an early autumn when the tundra turns dark reds, burnt oranges and brilliant yellows. It’s not a particularly flat land and in the blue distance are ranges of mountains. It’s a wildly Technicolor place but it’s actually not the land that fascinates me. It’s the sky that peaks my interest… because it’s not the sky!

There, behind a mountain range and above the clouds is a singular mountain so large that it is the sky! It’s so big you don’t see it at first. You tell people to look up and then, “No. Look higher!” It’s kind of disorienting when they realize what they are looking at and it’s very hard to describe how incredible it is. What you hear mostly from those who finally realize what it is they are seeing is, “Wow!”

I don’t know. When you speak about Denali, maybe “Wow!” says it all.

All Photographs © 2018 John Grusd Photography. All Rights Reserved.

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