An Interesting Month

Jan 2018Forgive me but it’s that time again when I feel obligated to toot my own horn. Most of you who know me will not be surprised that I’m pretty low key about these things. That said, I’m not altogether unhappy about sharing some of my good results with you who have been supportive over the past several years.

This January 2018 was an interesting month for John Grusd, the photographer. At PPLAC (Professional Photographers of Los Angeles County) I was awarded the Landscape Category Photographer of the Year Award, Open Category Photographer of the Year Award, the Judges Choice Award and the President’s Award for service. At PPC (Professional Photographers of California) I was awarded a Judges Choice Award and two Honorable Mention Awards. At PPA (Professional Photographers of America) I was awarded a Silver Imaging Medallion and was conferred with a PPA Master of Photography Degree!

Oh! Did I mention that I’m the newly installed President of PPLAC? Quite a month indeed! (Next week I will be back to posting images.)

All Photographs © 2018 John Grusd Photography. All Rights Reserved.

One Comment on “An Interesting Month

  1. Dang! And we can say we knew you when! Honestly, so proud of you, John.

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