Hidden Treasure

Sky Rock 2

This particular petroglyph is called “Sky Rock” because of its unique horizontal orientation open to the sky rather than the usual vertical surface. Sometime within the last 10.000 years, ancient Native Americans carved pictures and symbols into the rocks within the valleys bordered by the eastern face of the Sierra. The creators actually scraped through the dark layer of “oxidation” and into the lighter rock beneath to create their designs. The exact meaning of the art is lost but the fascinating work remains. (There are educated interpretations and guesswork but, of course, no way to confirm them.)

These are irreplaceable treasures of the rich human history in America but unfortunately, despite being zealously protected by the locals, there have been incidents of vandalism and even thefts. To that end, the exact locations of some of these petroglyphs are not published. If you do find your way to one of these wondrous works of art,  we all ask you to treat them with the dignity and respect they deserve.  They’ve made it through the last 10 millennia. With a little self restraint and vigilance, we can all make sure they will survive at least the next ten to come.

All Photographs © 2017 John Grusd Photography. All Rights Reserved.

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