The Stuff Memories Are Made Of

Eclipse 2017 BracketThis is a result of photographing 2017’s total solar eclipse using a technique called bracketing. I made a number of images at different exposures during totality. In that way, I could selectively combine the bracketed images in order to see some detail on the moon and enhance the visibility of the sun’s corona.  Otherwise the wide range of the scene, from utterly black to blindingly bright, would be impossible for the camera to capture in a single image. This process kept me very busy during the very brief minute and twenty seconds of totality!

Beyond the technical mumbo jumbo, I really love the way this image captures the phenomenal moment as the moon passed between the Earth and the sun with the tiny planet Mercury looking on from the lower left. It is said that we are all made of the stuff of stars. So it seems are some of our memories. It was an experience I will never forget.

All Photographs © 2017 John Grusd Photography. All Rights Reserved.

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