Jumpin’ Cholla!

Jumpin ChollaNo, it’s not something you say when you get stuck by one of these bristly little guys. (but maybe it should be!) It’s actually what they call this type of cactus because of the way it seemingly “jumps” out at you and attaches itself to clothing, shoes, skin, pets, etc. It doesn’t really “jump” of course, but all it takes is just the slightest touch for it to break off and painfully stick to you. That’s when you have to use your pliers to pull all of the tiny barbed spines out. “Ouch!”… Or should I say, “Jumpin’ Cholla!”? (BTW It’s pronounced “Choya”)

This image from Joshua Tree National Park was accomplished by using a technique called “focus stacking”. It was made by combining multiple images that focused on different points in the composition thus insuring sharp focus from the very near to the very distant.

All Photographs © 2017 John Grusd Photography. All Rights Reserved.

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