PPA Super 1 Day Photography Workshop

My fellow photographer and friend, Sharon Lobel, and I are instructing a workshop for The Professional Photographers of America.

In this course, “Landscape and Night Photography in Joshua Tree National Park”, we will discuss and demonstrate landscape fundamentals and composition as they pertain to photographing the sky at night. Importantly, this course will also teach the basic settings and theories of photographing the night sky, ensuring that each participant understands and can set up their own equipment. Using the daylight time for instruction, the students will then put what they have learned into practice, starting with a sunset shoot, followed by photographing the Milky Way, and culminating in creating star trail landscapes.

We hope that a few of you can join us! It promises to be a fun and informative evening of photography out in the California desert! More details are in the flyer below or you can connect directly to the PPA website for registration and details by clicking here.

Ad 1 with outline


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